Turnip Vines - this time it is personal!

At first I wanted to see why Michele Obama was dancing with a turnip, but then I realised there is a much more interesting story.

Michele Obama has made a series of Vines to answer a Twitter Q&A. What struck me was how simple and effective this was. Having myself participated in Government department webinars they can be incredibly useful but do often lack the personal touch. When it is an anonymous response, I do always question who is actually answering my question. With a video response, you never query who is answering your question and are instantly more engaged and less likely to forget your interaction.

Responding by Vine gives a person or brand time to be creative with a response, while the time limit demands that it is clear and concise. No time for PR gobbledygook, which inevitably switches people off.  I now pose a hypothetical question: which are you more likely to remember, an anonymous webinar or personal vine response?

The Obama Administration has been a trailblazer when it has come to using social media and the internet to engage. Even though it is the highest office in U.S. Government and always open to scrutiny, they have not been ones to shy away. If the President or the First Lady is happy to use social media, why should a company spokesperson be afraid?

Douglas McIlroy

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search