The Power of Naming

The first post on our re-launched People + Purpose blog explores how naming can create a sense of ownership.

The act of naming is personal. When we name something, be it a car, baby or business, we reinforce our sense of connection to that thing, as well as defining and displaying our relationship to it. 

I learned this lesson early. Aged six, I was persuaded to name my pet guinea pig 'Bugsy' by my older brother. As a result, Bugsy and I never quite gelled. I never felt the warm glow of pet ownership as thoroughly as I might, and when Bugsy was carried away in the night by a fox, I accepted my parents' kind lie that he'd gone on his holidays without question. Of course he'd left me; Bugsy was never really mine.

I've been head of our practice for five months, and have felt that the name 'Change + Internal Communications' didn't reflect what we do (nor our value to our clients) for a lot longer, so it's a relief to finally be able to share our new identity with the world. And we feel a real sense of connection with our new name. As a team, our challenge is to join up the dots between brand and work culture so that brands can grow from the inside out. Tackling this challenge provides the through line of our work; whether it's prompted by organisational change, growth, or acquisition, or simply low engagement scores, we find solutions through connecting people with purpose. And we think it's right to identify ourselves clearly with that mission.

A new name represents a new beginning. We're excited about building on the legacy of our outstanding employee communications work to create ever greater impact for our clients, helping to square the circle between brand purpose, workplace culture and the experience of the individual.And to do it under a name that truly belongs to us, feels great.

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