Boris energises the party

Don't count out London's Mayor just yet

Henry Groundes-Peace watches the outgoing Mayor of London rally the faithful

Boris Johnson used his main stage speech today to show he still has one of the best weapons to win the Tory leadership - popularity among the party membership.

Boris's speech had the most references to the Conservative victory in the general election. He was determined to bring cheer to party activists who campaigned in the run-up to May and received a glowing response.

The outgoing Mayor of London set out his vision for a "united society". This included some tough tasks for David Cameron's renegotiation in Brussels, with a call for the UK to have control over its own immigration policy.

He also made reference to Treasury policies, attacking tax credit cuts and calling for the party to protect the lowest paid.

Boris's speech is always a key point of the Conservative conference, and the party faithful turned out in such great numbers that they filled the overspill auditorium as well as the main hall. Will his speech be enough to get his leadership campaign back on track? Or will he remain the party's biggest cheerleader and not top dog?

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