Brexit Advice Team health check service

For businesses concerned about navigating Article 50 negotiations and then Brexit, H+K Strategies' Brexit Advice Team have created a healthcheck survey that we will use to help those involved in the creation of business and communications strategies understand what they need to do and when.

Our proprietary tool will help companies assess the impact of Brexit, come up with public lines and policy asks, understand the longer term consequences and opportunities, audit their public positions and communications and identify the correct narrative for executives and communications professionals.  Additionally it will look at internal communications to ensure alignment and help companies understand what their own workforces think about Brexit, and how to communicate with and listen to employees.

H+K Strategies has devised a survey that we will use to gain a holistic understanding of how a business is operating and provide substantial recommendations about future direction of strategy, narrative and communications.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us on 

Michael Stott

Hill & Knowlton Strategies Search