Gove's Brexit Broadside

The Brexit wars continue this morning, as Vote Leave leaders struggle to regain the initiative after the Treasury’s intervention yesterday. In a typically cutting verbal broadside, Justice Secretary Michael Gove has attacked Remain campaigners for treating voters like children. However his usual panache deserted him during an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, when he was forced onto the defensive over what Britain’s trading arrangements would be post-Brexit. A refusal by Vote Leave to publish their own economic projections is also raising eyebrows among commentators.

The Government will likely be pleased with the wall-to-wall coverage of its warnings about Brexit, with the Treasury’s headline figures plastered all over the broadcast airwaves. But parts of the Tory-leaning press are less than impressed, with many outlets concentrating their fire on the Treasury’s estimates regarding EU migration. The Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper was among those posing tough questions for the Chancellor, something which could prefigure a big split between the Tory tabloids and elite Conservative-leaning publications such as the FT and the Economist. 

Away from the sound and fury of the referendum, there are signs Labour’s recent momentum in the polls has stalled as the party sinks back into infighting. Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure from his MPs again after it emerged Labour’s ruling National Executive banned fast food chain McDonalds from party conference this year. Labour parliamentarians are seething over the signal this sends to their working-class base and to businesses, but Mr Corbyn is unrepentant. Is the Labour leadership about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as devolved and local elections approach?

Photograph: Policy Exchange


Larry Smith

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