Manic panic over Corbynmania

The Serious Wing of the Labour Party are now panicking

Silly season hasn’t really happened this year, as political journalists have had more than enough silly to contend with in the form of the Labour leadership election.  The Serious Wing of the party look on aghast as they’re apparently pushed aside by the insurgent forces of Jeremy Corbyn, whose ability to fill rallies with thousands of followers only goes to show how uninspiring the Serious Wing actually is.  To make matters more comic, Labour are facing this dilemma as a result of their own electoral system which permits non-members to vote, with the Serious Wing looking for excuses to call the whole thing off and stop Corbyn winning via the support of people who might not have Labour’s best interests at heart.

But will Corbyn actually win?  And if he does, will he actually want to be leader?  Unless one of either Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper stands aside to unite the anti-Corbyn vote it seems he will win – the bookies say so anyway.  Corbyn, it’s fair to say, probably didn’t expect to be in pole-position in this contest, but he’d very quickly become enemy number one if he didn’t at least give the leadership a try.  How long he will last is another matter.  He could stay on through the Scottish elections, in the hope that his left wing credentials help stave off decimation by the SNP; but much longer than that?  The Serious Wing are panicking that a Corbyn leadership wouldn’t just mean losing the 2020 election, but the 2025 one as well…

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